Documentary Wedding Photography

Hi! I’m Bartek, a wedding photographer who works in Poland, Norway and Germany. Thank You for visiting my website!

No posing. No feigned smiles. None of these things because you are living people, not wax figures. Your wedding is the event of your lifetime. I offer a documentary approach that can truly capture who you were in that most important moment of your life. My style of wedding photography captures true moments, reactions, fleeting gestures and unique atmosphere of that special day. You don’t need to pose or fake smiles… All you need is to enjoy the moment and be yourself. I strongly believe that after years this kind of photography will seem much more valuable to You, than carefully posed photos. I hope you will like my photography.

Reportage is the most important part of my work but not the only one. I also love to make creative outdoors.

It's possible to photograph what can not be named.

One of the most important teachers I have ever had in my life said it a long time ago. That one sentence deeply touched me and suddenly everything became clear. I often recall these words in my mind and they give meaning to what I do each time anew.